What will life be like in another 25 years?

         Technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives and is rapidly advancing each day. It is almost impossible to avoid because of how often it is used everyday everywhere, whether you are sending a text, e-mail, face timing, or checking your face book, Instagram, or twitter. Now a days cellphones have everything we need to better our lives by making them more efficient and simple. For example, being able to check your bank statements just through an app, or the weather and traffic control. Also, there are even apps such as Tinder that allow you to find individuals in your area who are also seeking company, and by doing this you just add a few pictures of yourself. Whatever happened to the old fashion way of bumping into someone and having a face-to-face conversation? Which I believe is a lot more special. I will admit that I am addicted to my cellphone as I bring it everywhere I go and if I do not have it on me I feel off. I mainly use it to text my family and friends, but I also use it to check my social networks such as, Instagram, Face Book, Twitter, and Snap Chat, which I do check more then once a day. I also use it to check the weather, my bank statements, and if I need to quickly look something up on the Internet. Also, something I find very interesting, but a different type of technology becoming a lot more popular in today’s society is the use of CCTV surveillance systems. They are being assembled throughout cities with the motive of deterring crime. Although our every move is being monitored individuals still tend to go about with their daily lives and not pay attention to the fact that they are constantly being watched. Not only are we being monitored, but also the cameras are becoming so advance that they are capable of picking up individual’s conversations. This is a complete invasion of privacy, don’t you think?              

          Technology has pros and cons just like anything does, but in my opinion I do not like how it is shaping our society as it distances everyone from independence and the natural ways of life such as, face-to-face interaction. For example, when I have applied for jobs it use to be face-to-face, but now most places prefer you to apply online. How can anyone make a good first impression if they are unable to meet the individual in person and show off their personalities and characteristics? Instead, people get judged based on their qualities that are typed on their resume. Businesses prefer this because applying online makes it a lot easier for the individual who does the hiring. Also, today most businesses use operating systems where people go through a set of steps when they call before talking to a representative, and sometimes they do not even get to talk to a representative. This can be very frustrating when you have a few questions that could quickly be answered. When I was a kid my parents were always yelling for me to come inside and get ready for bed, but today I hear parents nagging their children to go outside and get some fresh air.  I think of how much fun I had as a child playing outside using our imaginations and creativity. With all the new video game systems children now a days prefer to stay inside and sit on the couch, which deprives them from expanding their imagination, creativity, and common sense. In Schafter’s article he claims that not only are people participants using technology, but by using it we are helping create the next generations technology. This is because we are quickly capable of adapting to the rapid change in technology and since something better and quicker is created we would rather that, which drives people to continue upgrading. We have become so dependent on technology due to its efficiency that society is always expecting scientists to create something better and quicker. Also, we continue to follow the trend by using Twitter, Face Book, and Instagram.

          Besides the few negative impacts I mentioned above, technology still has a lot of positives, and the biggest one is how it provides society with faster and more efficient methods for a variety of purposes. Also, technology has billions of sources and software’s that educate people without them having to go to school, however this does not make them qualified. For example, Rosetta stone is software that teaches different kinds of language, which is a very important skill. YouTube has thousands of tutorials and videos explaining almost anything you would want or need to know. A very big positive with technology is its ability to give us information on the weather, traffic, politics, and world issues, however the old fashion news paper is still just as useful, but again, not as efficient. I believe experiencing issues first hand is a lot more beneficial because it gives us first hand knowledge, but sometimes, depending on your location, you are unable to experience certain issues. The TV and Internet make up our symbolic reality, which are events we have experienced through the media. Overall, technology is a necessity in this day and age, whether it is beneficial or destructive people will continue to use it and it will continue to advance. Who knows what’s next.


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