Evolution of my Internet Interests


I first started using the Internet when I was around 8 or 9 years old, which is when everyone that age was playing on Neopets. This website allowed us to own virtual pets, in which we would play games for coins to tend to our pets. When I first was using the Internet I was only using it to play games, sometimes with my peers. As I got a little older, I started using MSN Messenger to communicate with my peers- it was almost like texting, but online. This was the first social networking site I became interested in and it was just as addicting as Facebook is today. I also had a stage where I used a website called Piczo that allowed me to create my own webpage. Around the same time I was using MSN I created a MySpace account, which a lot of my peers started doing as well. MySpace had the same idea as Facebook, but was not as progressive. In 2009 I created my Facebook, which I believe is an online scrapbook of my life. I still use Facebook, but during first year of university I joined Twitter. I tend to only use Twitter when I am bored and looking through all my social media networks. About a year ago I joined my favorite social media network, Instagram. I use it to share pictures and to look at my friend’s pictures that they have shared, in which I will like them. I have a few sites I use occasionally such as, Pinterest, We Heart It, TMZ, 8 Tracks, and streaming sites. I use these websites to browse for ideas, look at random photos, search for music, or watch TV shows. I also use the Internet on my phone to quickly access the weather, directions, or information I need at that time. The Internet has rapidly evolved as it now has multiple sites with specific purposes. However, majority of these sites allow users to share their content across each social media platform. The Internet has become a place where users can connect and share their content all over for others to see.


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