Creating and Deconstructing my very own meme!


This is a meme that I have created using the website Meme Generator ( I found it a little difficult to come up with an idea for a meme, but I finally chose to create a meme that would relate to an event that is currently trending, which is why I chose the World Cup. First, I googled both these images, which were separate pictures before I used a website called, Fotor Photo Collage (, to collage them together. Once I did this I saved the image and uploaded it to the Meme Generator website where I then typed in the text I wanted. I did not use an existing meme to create my own, but rather existing images from Google. I chose two photos that demonstrated what I wanted to critique. Both photos show professional athletes injuring themselves, where I then used text to explain the aftermath.

 I chose to create a meme relating to the World Cup because it is a popular event happening right now around the world and a lot of people are familiar with it. I chose to sarcastically mimic soccer players because it seems to be a common critique when the World Cup occurs. I have continuously heard people on the radio, in person, and over the Internet critique soccer players for ‘milking’ their injuries or pretending they are hurt. I wanted to compare it to hockey because injuries in hockey are seen and dealt with differently. I chose the hockey player, Gregory Campbell, who dove in front of a shot, which ended up breaking his leg where he still continued to play. I then used a photo of soccer players helplessly lying on the field. The text I used is set for a sarcastic tone to compare how hockey and soccer players act when they are injured, however I exaggerated the outcome to add a little humour. I think it is funny because a hockey player has broken his leg, but continues to play, where the soccer players get injured, but continue to lie on the field. Although, they are two completely different sports, society has created the idea that athletes are suppose to be strong tough individuals, but most people critique soccer because of the lack of toughness seen by the players.

Both of these sports carry a lot of culture behind them because they are popular in society today and have been for years. I believe a lot of users will be able to interpret the pun because society has created stereotypes relating to each of these sports that have been in our culture for decades. A lot of people see hockey as a sport where players are to be tough and dedicated to the game to the point where they are willing to do anything to save a goal. Whereas, society has created the idea that soccer is a “wimpy” sport and all players are ‘wimps’ who continuously fall and exaggerate their injuries. Thus, this meme is intended to make a joke about societies interpretations of hockey and soccer.

 This meme is aimed at an audience that is familiar with sports, but it is not as exclusive as some other memes that require specialized knowledge to interpret there significance. This meme can be a little easier to understand because it relates to a world event, which has a large community base. Also, the text that is included is very simple and relates directly to my point I am trying to get across. Some users may have to think about the meme for a few seconds, while others who are more familiar with sports will understand it immediately. Thus, the meme I created will circulate within a larger community of users because it is a world issue unlike the Walking Dead meme below, which requires specialized knowledge. Both memes also differ because the Walking Dead meme uses intertextuality where the sports meme also uses templatability because it can be used as a guide to make other memes.


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