Deconstructing the Walking Dead meme


This is a Walking Dead meme including one of the main characters, Rick Grimes. I chose this meme because it is based on a popular TV show, which I can relate to because I follow the series. This is a very simple meme for Walking Dead fans because it is exclusive and those who watch the show can interpret its significance. Thus, this meme uses intertexuality and requires specialized knowledge otherwise users will not understand the sarcasm or pun. The meme features a picture of Rick Grimes with the text, ” We’re goin’ to war, but were gonna talk about it for 3 more episodes first”, which uses a sarcastic tone. I believe a photo of Rick was used for this meme because he is the leader of the group who tends to make all the decisions. This meme is referencing season three of the Walking dead, in which the individual who created this meme is mimicking how long it took for a certain scene to happen. After every episode previews of ‘what happens next’ were shown, which continuously displayed the group going to war. However, it took at least 5 episodes before the scene actually took place and it never happened until the last five minutes of the season finale. This meme is directed at the Walking Dead fan base because everyone would be able to relate to this feeling about the show at that time. I can say this for sure because each week after an episode people would update their Facebook status and tweet to share their opinions, which also created discussion among the fan community.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about memes having any cultural expression, but most memes can tell us a lot about where we are as a society. The Internet is developing its own global culture, which is allowing people to develop and discuss their own values. Thus, this meme relates to a very popular show in today’s society aiming at the Walking Dead fan community. It reflects the way fans think and feel about the show, which can generate discussion between the fan communities. Not only can this meme create conversations and arguments, but it can also spread ideas among other users. Memes like this can bring together a community because they begin to be passed from person to person who respond to each other’s thoughts. People can use this meme to create their own memes and continue to spread opinions and jokes about the show. As a Walking Dead fan, I can relate to this meme because myself and every other fan patiently waited for the ‘war’ to happen, but it continued to drag on until the last five minutes of the finale. After each episode fans were left to think the war would begin next episode, but that feeling continued to occur until the very last scene of season three. In which this meme makes me laugh as I can make sense of it’s sarcasm and see how true it really is.


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