What do you do with your E-Waste?

Today, technology is a fast growing industry with no signs of slowing down, in fact eventually everything will be ran by technology. When I was younger I was always playing outside with the rest of the kids in my neighbourhood, unlike today where kids are inside playing video games, sitting on the computer, or watching TV. We also knocked on each others doors to see what our friends were doing where as now I generally text or phone them. As I got older, things began to change, the Internet became more popular and cell phones became a necessity. Today we are surrounded by technology making it very hard to avoid ever using it. Every day I use my cell phone, which serves multiple purposes such as, texting, face-timing, music, checking my various social network sites, and checking the weather. I also use my cellphone as a camera, even though I have a real camera at home that I have not touched in a few years because this way I only have to carry one gadget that I have on me at all times. Since I work full time throughout the week I am not on my laptop nearly as much as I was during the school year, but around 8 I will stream my shows or use Netflix until I fall asleep. I also use my computer to go on Facebook, but I normally only go on Twitter and Instagram with my phone.

10472229_10154312263155370_422137801_nI got my first cell phone when I began grade nine and the only reason I got one was because my aunt worked at Bell. She got me a free Motorola Razor, which was ‘trending’ at that time. Eventually that cell phone broke and I went through a few more during high school, but they were never smart phones. I never really had a fancy phone because I was always loosing or breaking them, until first year of university when my mom bought me my first blackberry. I had my blackberry for almost a year until it broke, which I then went out and bought my first I Phone. I signed up on a two year contract with the I Phone 4, which I still currently have with one year left in the contract. I decided to get the I phone 4 because it was free with the contract and the contract was very cheap. I could have got the I phone 5, which is the newest generation, but it was a lot more money, so I decided to settle for the 4. As far as it goes for laptops, I bought my first PC laptop in grade eleven, which I had for a long time. Eventually during my second year of university my laptop screen was beginning to fall off and it was very slow, so my parents decided it was time I got a new laptop. My dad surprised me with a new Macbook Pro, which I have had for a year now. I LOVE my Macbook Pro! When newer generations of I Phones or laptops get released I am never that eager to change my devices right away, mainly because of financial reasons, but also because my devices are still currently working. Although, I do wish I had the newest I Phone with a better plan because of their quality and my lack of data I have right now.

 When it comes to disposing old electronic devices I am not the greatest because I had lost most of my cellphones or still have them, along with my old laptop, lying around my house. I also still have my I Pod touch that I sometimes use because I have a lot of music on it from before I had my I Phone. I do know that Bell has a recycle box you can drop off old cell phones, in which they properly dispose of them. Also, after working for the town this summer I found out they host a Hazardous Waste Day, in which people in town can bring household hazardous materials to our shop and we will properly dispose of them.


Check out my Pinterest board regarding E-Waste:

E-waste (electronic waste) is unwanted or broken electronic gadgets that have reached the end of their usefulness. This board can help inspire you to reuse your e-waste to help protect our environment rather than throw it in the trash.


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